This is our community garden. Before these pictures were even taken we found at the local library, an advertisement to join a ‘Gardening Club’ at the local YMCA. They would have a class every week and we would have a ‘hands on’ lab. Imagine my surprise when during the first class, the teachers informed us that we have a community garden out back (and each family would have their own 4’x8’ raised garden bed!) Woohoo! 

I love this. Children, adults, even elders participate. We assist each other getting the soil ready, building the garden beds…you name it! 

For our particular bed, b/c both my husband and I are not ‘newborns’ so to speak, will be implementing the ‘Square Foot Gardening’ as well as ‘Companion Planting’ (more on that soon) methods. So both myself, husband and babies will get their own space to grow stuff, and have already claimed what herbs or vegetables they want! 

Babygirl: Peas & Cukes

Babyboy: Marigolds & Peppers

Me: Spinach & Chamomile

King: Tomatoes and Onions

We also are transplanting two broccoli plants from last years harvest, and planted a row and a half of radishes in the place where the King will have his tomatoes, since they are not ready to be sowed/transplanted just yet. 

We purchased our seeds online through Burpee, Gurney’s and Eden Bro’s, and they are all Heirloom varieties. 

Community Gardens are popping up all over the place! If you don’t have one in your immediate area and would like to start one, start researching  the requirements (local laws, permits, insurance, etc) for your particular city or town. Not only does this create a bonding experience amongst neighbors, it gets YOU active, helps to put feed people and teach the youth about sustainability!

Imagine if every church or youth center had a garden. There would be a LOT less hungry people! 

Until next time, 

-Malikaat Z.